My Biggest Challenge: Website Content Writing

george-drumGEORGE DRUM

Instead of being left behind by the computer age, he decided to do something about it. Now he is building complete Amazon affiliate websites, and you'll get to follow his journey!
George trained as an Amazon affiliate marketer with Ryan Stevenson, and you can do the same by joining Team Azon Pro here.

What were My Intentions?
My initial intention when I started this trip was to create a monthly income, so that I didn't have to continue to chase my tail, as a dog does does. The 60 hrs a week business work eventually after years 12 and 13 became like a large merry-go-round ride for me.

When could I get off the ride. Was I ever going to get to enjoy life? Was life more than an another week of hard work.

Where Did I Come From?
You see I had to do the same thing each week to keep the plate spinning. I had bills to pay, college loans for children, business expenses that need to be covered each week.

It never changed, it was always there. The promise of affiliate marketing was that the ROI would be a much better deal for me as I was enter my sixties than, continuing on the road I was on.

Thus Internet marketing looked exciting and an opportunity that I could take advantage of. The lingering questions were could I figure it out? and How long would it take me to figure it out, and then I would be making my goal for the income I needed?

Do You Know What I Noticed?
Well I found out that at the rate of time I was putting into the web site building, that it might take a while. I noticed really quick, that I had to learn a ton of new things, just to start doing this. My biggest investment would be me, putting time into learning.

After that where was I going to get the right information to learn? I went through 2 expensive and intensive training courses the first three years. But I never made any money, because I never dug in deep enough in one area to make a difference.

Life kept happening, new shiny object kept happening and time just swept by. I needed to find someone who would answer questions for me when I had them. The one thing that was extremely disappointing to me from both of the large courses I took was that I never got closer than a forum, or a support ticket either never returned or answered by a support staff, whose answers weren't that helpful to me.

Both courses promised all of this great support, but neither came close to fulfilling the promises made. then I came across Ryan. In fact in the last 6 months, I have made more strides towards succeeding than ever, because Ryan has been there to help and to teach if needed.

The largest areas I have received great help with have been, site structure, and where to link things up, and how to link. He has reviewed my one site three times now, and between the first three training courses, and his answering questions we are now on our way.

Where Have I found My Biggest Challenges?
I have discussed many things already, but now it's time to roll up our sleeves and get down and get dirty. My biggest challenge, in my life, and it carried over into websites was writing content. I hated writing with a passion. Ryan and I talked last July about this, and he told me, to just do it. To force myself to do it. He told me he had been the same, but found out the more he wrote content the easier writing actually got. You know something he was right.

My site that I just completed, is full of great content, and actually an abundance of content. Something I could never have been convicted of. Now however I would be found guilty of.

Another large challenge for me is all of the technical stuff like HTML, and CSS coding. Well guess what this is the area that is Ryan's strength. He has been helping with coding for close to a year and a half now. This too can be learned. The more you do the better you will get.

What Is My Biggest Challenge?
What is your biggest challenge? You need to ask yourself that. Why, because you need to turn your biggest challenge into your biggest victory. When you do that, you will be very surprised at how much weight comes off your shoulders. Everything will get much easier for you.

I found that my biggest challenge probably was that every time I reached out to trust someone, they just simply didn't respond back. They didn't really really want to help me out. They just wanted to sell a product to me. Both of my previous experiences with expensive Guru type courses was that, yes the content provided could help you make a boat load of money, but all the cracks in the floor would pop up and create many, many problems that I needed help with. But no one was there to help out.

With Ryan, that is not the case, he will be there to help out, when someone reaches out for assistance.

What would you do if you knew, I said IF YOU KNEW, you couldn't fail. The only thing would be that you need to be willing to put the hard work in, and then everything that all of these voices have been saying would actually happen to you. Not someone else, but you.

Work is required, but if you will do the work, then come along for what could be the greatest ride of your life.

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