What Is The Hardest Thing About Competing With Google?

george-drumGEORGE DRUM

Instead of being left behind by the computer age, he decided to do something about it. Now he is building complete Amazon affiliate websites, and you'll get to follow his journey!
George trained as an Amazon affiliate marketer with Ryan Stevenson, and you can do the same by joining Team Azon Pro here.

Do You Really Arm Wrestle With Google?
The more I build, the more I publish material on line, the more I really question if it is actually competing with Google. I think the more I do this, the more I realize that I am actually competing against complacency? Maybe my own ambitions?

Maybe I am just not motivated enough? Why do I let distractions creep up and take over my life for weeks on end sometimes, before I reclaim my focus on my target, my goal. Has that ever happened to you? I am sure it has.

You are rolling along well for a few days, then life smacks you up side of the head. Maybe a death in the family? Maybe you get ill? No big deal, but they are big deals if they stop you. How do you meet life challenges, even everyday life challenges encourage you lift you up, keep you going?

Why Am I Carrying On Like This?
The main thing you need to realize is that Google is not stopping you, You are probably stopping you? Google should not be your enemy, but your ally, your friend? Yes if you look at Google properly, all they are doing is getting better at their job. What is their main job you ask?

Their main job is analyzing what you publish and seeing if you are adding value to the product or subject you are writing about. Then they rank all the sites available to them to judge and evaluate, and that how you get the top ten, the page 1, the page 2 ranking etc.

So your job as I see it, or my main job is to publish solid, well written content that once Google checks it out over time, then trusts me and it, they determine where I deserve to be for those keywords or keyword phrase.

This Is Exactly What Ryan Teaches?
You can go over course after course, review after review, mini bonus course after min bonus course and Ryan Stevenson is teaching a variation fitting around another subject or product that will tell you the same thing over again. You need to trust yourself to get the trust of Google by giving Google great content to rank for you.

If you check out the latest niche review training on Team Azon Pro membership or his recent 4 part video series for Associate Goliath plugin, Ryan is extremely consistent with this one thing.

So How Do I Do This?
What I struggle with the most is probably staying on task from one day to the next. waking up , going to your job, then coming home, and then sitting down for your one shot that day to making a difference, is a challenge. The thing is I recognize all to well what the challenge it is but How do you meet it?

As I get older, the mind says you need to do this now, but the body says, I am too tired right now, this other thing maybe watching a TV show, Or checking Facebook, will be easier to do right now. I will get this done tomorrow. But then I don't?

Do you have any suggestions? What has made a large difference in your life now, towards accomplishing this? I would like very much for Ryan to add to this list of your suggestions. How does he stay on target?

I know that he works overnight while his growing family sleeps? I know that he has many goals and has built many sites, developed many courses of learning for us? What makes you tick, and how do you stay on course Ryan?


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