ExtendAzon – Amazon Store & Cookie Extender WP Plugin

ExtendAzon converts almost any existing Amazon affiliate site built with WordPress into an Amazon affiliate store!

Simply drop ExtendAzon into a WP site that has uncloaked Amazon affiliate links, and it will automatically convert those links into shopping cart links.

One of the best things about ExtendAzon is that using this shopping cart system extends the affiliate cookie lifespan from 24 hours to 90 days!

This cookie applies to ALL products purchased by that account within the next 90 days, although the cookie is cleared when a purchase is completed. Regardless, the end result is simply higher conversion rates and more income in your pocket.

When most people first see ExtendAzon, they first think: Is this allowed by Amazon?

I can easily say that that this extended cookie lifespan is actually controlled by Amazon and not ExtendAzon, so there is obviously nothing shady going on here (ie, this is not a lame cookie stuffing tactic). In fact, ExtendAzon uses the shopping cart features available through Amazon API!

There are two main ways to use ExtendAzon: Direct or On-Site Links.

Direct Shopping Cart Links

With direct links, affiliate links go straight to the add to cart confirmation page on Amazon. After a button is clicked, the product is added to the visitor's Amazon shopping cart with a 90 day cookie lifespan.

On-Site Shopping Cart
With the on-site cart, all Amazon links add the product to the on-site shopping cart. This cart makes it appear as though a purchase has been started in your own shopping cart, which allows the visitor to continue shopping to add more products to their cart. This allows multiple products and multiple quantities of single products to be purchased all at the same time, which assures that you get credit for all of the purchases! This method add a very stylish and professional look and feel to any website, not to mention the fact that it is a nice conversion booster.

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