Retail Manager Turned Affiliate Marketer

george-drumGEORGE DRUM

Instead of being left behind by the computer age, he decided to do something about it. Now he is building complete Amazon affiliate websites, and you'll get to follow his journey!
George trained as an Amazon affiliate marketer with Ryan Stevenson, and you can do the same by joining Team Azon Pro here.

Who Am I?
My name is George. I grew up in a small town in the Southern Tier of Western New York State. I graduated from a small school. What we call a Class D school. The smallest classification of schools in New York State.

I actually graduated from a class of 32 students. On graduation day only thirty graduated. That was a record number for a graduating class from my school. I then attended a 6000 student bodied State University of New York college. I graduated from there in the four years that I attended.

I was trained in Speech Communications, Radio and Television Production, and had a dual major in Geography/Urban and Regional Planning as well by time I graduated. I ended up working in neither field.

My background is in retailing management. For fifteen years in the recorded music business. After that I switched gears and went into the grocery store business. I was a Dept Head for a large Grocery store Chain headquartered in Rochester, NY.

I worked for Wegmans for over 4 years. Then I became a Baked products, wholesaler. I owned a bread route, distributing S.B./Thomas Muffins and Freihofer Breads, Boboli Pizza shells and Entenmann Cakes and Donuts.

My Computer Interests
My main interest in computers goes back to my college days. Back then, when I needed a report run on the College computer, I had to spend 3 hours to use a card punch machine to punch out the program that I needed run on the college computer. I do mean One Computer. The college had one computer available to all faculty members and all students. That's right one (1).

Once I had printed out the punch cards and rubber banded the two stacks together. I then needed to sign up to have the program run for me. I waited three days. Then I could pick up my program. It was printed on large computer program paper - the paper was probably 18 inches wide. It was a 60 page report that I got back from my study that I had done.

I never heard from computers again until mid 1980 my company was doing a rollout and we used Norand Handheld computers. From then until the year 2005 I basically used a form of a Norand Handheld computer for business, nothing else.

I do remember we purchased our first desktop computer for family use in 1995, but I hardly ever used and really didn't know that much about it. My children were using them in school, so my wife and I were learning as we went.

I remember my oldest daughter set up our first family email account. She also set my own g-mail and Ebay account for me as well.

I Woke Up
Then in 2005 a job (District Sales Manager) opened up, and I thought I had a great chance of being hired for the position. But they wanted to know how I was with Microsoft Word Document, Microsoft Word Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, and a couple of other computer programs that I had never heard of.

I realized that as I was very good at Route Sales, the handheld, the product lines that we represented, the overall business information, I had to admit when it came to computer knowledge I was illiterate.

Woe Is Me
That was a thunderous wake up call. I realized that the computer age was deep upon us, and I was being dusted by it. I don't think I had ever felt that way before in my life. I was saying to myself, how could I have let this happened to me?

My answers were we were raising 3 children and I was working at the time 60-70 hours a week running the business I owned.

My decision could be, either roll over and play dead, say so what, I don't need to learn all of this stuff, or I could do what I decided to do.

What I did, was get my self enrolled in an adult evening basic computer skills class at the local high school. It was a six session three week course. I learned about the internet. I learned how to copy and paste. Something my middle daughter who was a senior in high school would show me repeatedly, and I would forget again, and need help again and again.

After that for the next year I enrolled in and successfully competed two more computer courses online. Online adult computer courses. Courses such as Introduction To PC Troubleshooting, and Creating Web Pages.

In Creating Web Pages, I had my first introduction to jpgs, gifs, HTML and how to lay out a successful web page. I completed all of these courses successfully. They gave me an overwhelming amount of information, as a beginner. Some of the fog started lifting but it seemed like the more I learned the more questions I had.

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