It’s Time To Get Serious With Amazon Affiliate Marketing

george-drumGEORGE DRUM

Instead of being left behind by the computer age, he decided to do something about it. Now he is building complete Amazon affiliate websites, and you'll get to follow his journey!
George trained as an Amazon affiliate marketer with Ryan Stevenson, and you can do the same by joining Team Azon Pro here.

Just How Serious Are You Really?
Okay, my main goal with this blog is to keep it real. No phony baloney stuff. It's time to roll my sleeves up, and start getting dirty as they say. Here is my initial Statement. The biggest Problem with internet marketing is that it is simple, but it's not easy.

Are You Like Me?
If you are like me, when you grew up, you went through school. You studied, you took exams, and you advanced, year after year, after year. Where your education ended was where you ended it.

For some it was high school,for some it was community college. For others it was a 4 year Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science Degree. Some of you have progressed beyond that, to the level of a Masters Degree, or maybe even a Doctorial Degree in a certain field of study.

What Have You Really Developed?
The thing is you have developed a level of perception, a level of education, a level of thinking and analyzing things that successfully helped you get that degree, and completed your studies. The one thing is to never think you have arrived. Life is a journey not a destination.

Your mindset, was more advanced (probably more complicated) at each step and everything became much more complicated for you. Sooo.. because of that, it would naturally follow suit that when you start studying internet marketing, your brain wants to analyze everything.

I analyzed and analyzed everything to death. In fact between, the Shiny Object Syndrome, and over analyzing everything I would say that probably 70% of my time was spent on that. As they say Paralysis By Analysis, how very true.

Wasted Time and Wasted Money
So I have spent tons of time on wasted energy, doing these things that will never make you any money in internet marketing. You need to concentrate very heavily on picking out a good niche, doing some intensive keyword analysis, and then your writing of content must be super plentiful.

Actually the more, the better, so that Google and the other search engines will take you seriously. They love lots of good, original content.

I Spend Probably 70% of My Time Here Now
Those three things are where you will make the difference with your potential for your site. It is simple but we all get hung up on the I need to learn HTML, I need to understand how to build the site. I want my site to look like this. All of the other things, the 30% things.

No need to be so uptight about the 30% things because, Ryan covers all of those 30% things in the best possible ways.His teachings are done in the best ways possible. He is very detailed and easy to follow along with. All of those details, he will walk you through. You will get there.

With all of those things, I got hung up soo much. I didn't just do it over and over a gain. But I did it over and over again, for over five years. Truthfully it has only been around 7 months now, that I am flying right.

Resist very strongly jumping from one thing, to another. I have learned the hard way that there is always another product launch just around the corner, with another great idea for a plugin, or another great looking theme.

How about all of those great push button plugins, or tools that will be magical for you. You must resist that urge, that the next great product is the missing link for you.

Well I have many, many of those great products, I own them in great numbers. I also have no income to show for it. With my jumping around, I never earned me a red cent. I finally figured out that it was time to plant and to stay with Ryan. So now only one person has my ears, not someone new every month or sometimes every week.

The one thing I found was always true, was that Ryan does actually, answer my questions, and he helps me get through the things that I don't understand or things that I just couldn't and wouldn't ever be able to figure out on my own.

He will teach you in a very clear fashion. He will teach you all of the complicated things, that will help you. He also most importantly will teach you all of the things that are necessary to create the income you are looking for. It's Time To Get Serious With Amazon!


ryan-and-sara-stevensonRYAN STEVENSON
Affiliate marketer since 1996 that also develops WordPress plugins and Amazon training courses to help others succeed with their online businesses. Ryan teaches George and can teach you too with Team Azon Pro.

When I hear from fellow members of the Amazon Associate's Program, what George has talked about here is one of the most common things that I hear.

People often realize that they bounce around with their work as a marketer, but they may not know how to correct this problem. The issue is that they may not know exactly what they should focus on to get the best results.

Another aspect to this problem is the constant release of new marketing products and training. While new innovations can be extremely useful, beginners still trying to build their first profitable site should likely avoid them until a later date because these things do more harm than good with the added distraction.

The next time you find yourself tempted to buy a marketing product, ask yourself this question: "Will this product directly help me to reach my current goal faster?". Ultimately, if you can't answer yes to that question for the product, you should hold off on buying it until it does fit with your goals. For someone still building their first Amazon site, your #1 goal should be to get the site content built (and no product will help you with this aspect, no matter how much the sales page claims it can - you MUST do content writing on your own without depending on automated software and/or tricks).

Focus is #1 for ALL Marketers
I want to help you put all of this into perspective to truly understand what we're talking about here.

No matter what kind of internet marketing you do, focus is the key to success. I have to do this when I build Amazon affiliate sites, and I have to maintain this focus as a developer of products / training for Amazon Associates.

You see, every single day I am also tempted to stray from this focus, so I know it isn't easy (and yes, I've lost this battle before and learned my lesson).

Let me give you a specific example. Beyond being an affiliate for Amazon products and selling my own products, I also promote digital marketing products as an affiliate on networks like JVZoo. Every single day there are dozens of new releases on that network and there is often at least one product each day that is a hot seller.

I could easily get distracted by the sales numbers of the daily hot product launch and try to get my piece, but this would ultimately be a major distraction from the goals of myself and my customers.

As a customer of products, I could even get distracted by buying something that isn't in line with my goals. I already have a stable business in the Amazon niche. If I see a hot product in a different niche, I could easily look at it and say "I bet I could do that". The problem is that if I were to buy something else and commit to making it work, I would likely harm my many years worth of work with Amazon.

To sum it all up, I hope you can see how the person, the situation, the goals, and/or the niche has no bearing on this recommendation to pick a goal and remain focused on the work that will help you reach that goal.

For Amazon affiliates, your goal is quite simple: build complete websites with unique / useful content that target a specific niche. Focus on that and good things will come.

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