How I Got Started With The Amazon Associates Program

george-drumGEORGE DRUM

Instead of being left behind by the computer age, he decided to do something about it. Now he is building complete Amazon affiliate websites, and you'll get to follow his journey!
George trained as an Amazon affiliate marketer with Ryan Stevenson, and you can do the same by joining Team Azon Pro here.

My Internet Experience
What can I say quickly that will not bore you about my internet marketing experience. I would say, Frustrating, Will I never Learn?, Challenging? Why did I believe that? How could I be so far off target? Will I ever make any Money? Who can you believe anyway?

After that I would say, just a couple of things I have found out. Just do something that will make a difference. Write Great Content!

Why do I say these things? Let's talk about these areas. Frustrating? Yes very, but why. I have so many times thought that If I just buy this shiny new object, It will make everything much better, and I will be making money. It has always ended up in Frustration.

I buy the product then ten days later I realized I bought this plugin, PDF information etc, then I look at it and say, where do I start with this, and will it really make a difference? I started questioning myself, but then something new is being promoted and it looks like it could really make a large difference to me. Does this sound familiar?

When I would look back I spent the money, I had these great products, (Well Most Were), but months later I couldn't remember why I was so interested in them and usually had nothing done with them. Am I all alone, on this or can you relate?

Did You Ever Do This?
Did you ever buy this product, you go to use it, and you say wow I didn't know I had all of this to do to make this work? Or you just didn't have the technical know how to do what needed to be done.

I personally would find great niche ideas then, I would buy a domain and I would get the skeleton of a great site set up. You see I have become very good at some certain things, but I would never carry through.

Only a hand full of sites actually had content on them that was good enough to get ranked.

My critique of myself would be I just didn't like to write content. Very boring, and hard work too. But I have learned to write the content. Great content will make a difference.

How Did Ryan Get Involved?
Where does Ryan come into this picture. I was first introduced to Ryan Stevenson through an affiliate link to a Ryan plugin. I found the plugin to be very useful, and interesting as well.

Then I started receiving other promotion e-mails from Ryan, as I did from many other marketers as well. To be honest for over a year Ryan, didn't stand out at all to me. I purchased a couple more plugins from him.

Then in the summer of 2013, Ryan promoted the Azon Master Class training Webinars which I found to be rather intriguing to me. First I need to be totally honest.

It wasn't the course per se, because I had been involved in a couple of other internet course before.

Those courses also taught many of the concepts that Ryan was going to be teaching, but I couldn't get past two things that were different this time.

What Two Things Were Different?
The first thing that was very different to me, was we (as a class) were going to be building a website. We were going to be (weekly in a two hour webinar) watching Ryan build a site from beginning to end. I thought this was perfect.

The other thing is that I had found out that Ryan's teaching is very detailed, and we were going to be allowed to ask questions to him during the webinars.

As a bonus to another earlier plugin purchase, I signed up on Ryan's mailing list and he gave me some very detailed PDFs on Amazon site building that I thought were amazingly detailed for anything I had seen before.

So I was hooked. I signed up for the 10 week live training Webinars course on Amazon sites. We call this course Azon Master Class I today, or AMC1.

What Did I Get From The Course?
This course was everything to me. I learned so much about the technical site of building a site, and just how important building a site correctly was.

Ryan not only shows you how but he explains why as well. The best part was getting to ask questions while he was training us. If you had a question, he would answer it right there for you.

That course was actually the start of Ryan and I building a relationship. He has never shied away from a question and he has always been willing to help out.

Any Further Ryan Courses?
So I couldn't get enough, I ended up enrolling in Ryan's Azon Master Class II (AMCII) course which started in Jan. of 2014. We went through that course building another type of web site during that class.

Then in the Fall of 2014, Ryan Launched Azon Master Class III (AMCIII).

The format for the training has changed with each succeeding course, but the details to instructing are still there, and the results will be as well.

Will You Follow Ryan And I?
What I intend on doing is just keep on working on my projects, and I will bring to light problems I have had previously, as I progress with my activities. I feel it is very important that I get feed back from someone who knows how to do what I want to accomplish. Ryan will be commenting and answering questions that my progress runs into.

My intention is to make this a very real experience for all involved. Check out my next post for some overviews on internet marketing.

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