What Was I Thinking Amazon Affiliate Marketing Really Was?

george-drumGEORGE DRUM

Instead of being left behind by the computer age, he decided to do something about it. Now he is building complete Amazon affiliate websites, and you'll get to follow his journey!
George trained as an Amazon affiliate marketer with Ryan Stevenson, and you can do the same by joining Team Azon Pro here.

What Did I Do When I Was Asked?
When I was asked by Ryan to do this blog, I actually didn't hesitate a bit, because I know how much it hurts to not be able to get this thing right. If I can help anyone out there with getting it right it will be worth the effort.

My first pictures in my brain of what this was going to be like, and what worked were very different than it really is. Has that ever happened to you, that you develop expectations and are they never realized?

I have found out that close to never is the correct answer. Many good things that you experience come from some really unexpected places. And the best things sometimes come from the simplest of places, and you find out that you just refused to believe that if you just did A then B then C that D would really happen.

What To Heck Am I Talking About?
Well let me ask you a question. Have you ever been guilty of interpreting something to be what you think it should be. While you were doing it, you said to yourself "it can't really be that simple" I bet he means this. So you put your own bend on it and then months later you find out that if you had only done it this way, that you would have been so much farther down the road to getting it.

I just recently, in the last two months realized that I should have taken Ryan, purely and literally on some things he taught us in Azon Master Class 1. Because Ryan did a review of a new site I have been working on, and when he wrote me back a very thorough and honest review.

I wrote him back asking for more clarification because I didn't really understand. His further explaining lead me to about 3 weeks more work, and some considerable more site changes. Then result looked and fit like the site we watched him build in the course.

I realized after two bouts of explanations from him, that I would have saved myself a lot of time, effort, and wondering if I had just done what he taught us to do in the first place.

Why Am I Bringing This Up?
Well the reason I am bringing this up, is because, in the first place Ryan, has been where we want to go, correct? So we can listen to him, and trust him, or we can go off the reservation and do our own thing. Our own interpretation of what we heard.

I for one am very famous for reading things into something that may not be there, nor should it be there. Why?, because he didn't teach that!

I am always reminded of the brilliance of the early scenes of the Karate Kid, that famous movie from 1984.

In the movie, Mr. Miyagi, and Daniel are starting the training for Daniel. Mr Miyagi has Daniel come over to his place the first day, and he puts Daniel to work on his fence. The fence is a large fence all the way around his property. So he instructs Daniel of a certain way he wants him to paint the fence for him.Karate kid

Daniel does this all day long. In the meantime Daniel is getting really stirred up, because he didn't come over to Mr. Miyagis to be put to work painting his fence, he thought he was going to be trained on the techniques of Karate.

So Mr. Miyagi, instructs him he will see him the next day at the same time. Daniel is there the same time the second day and he instructs Daniel on how he is to wax his car. Mr Miyagi leaves him to waxing his car. A few hours later after being corrected a few times he finishes the car.

Then Mr. Miyagi moves him onto to another chore. Daniel now resists and he is actually yelling at Mr. Miyagi about the fact that he didn't come over to spend two days doing all of his work for him. He thought he was going to be trained on the art of Karate.

Mr. Miyagi, now tells him he has been training him on the basics of karate. He then shows him how the motions he has been doing for two days are the basis for the main Karate moves he needs to learn.

What Is The Lesson Learned Here?
Look I haven't seen the move in thirty years, and maybe I don't have it quite right, but the points are remembered. At first you may not understand why you are being taught something this way. In fact I remember sometimes in Ryan's teaching I was bored silly. Seriously I was, but I would do maybe 40 -50% of what he was teaching and then I would move on.

I was cherry picking Ryan's teaching, because I didn't see any reason to do that one step here and that one step there. That's the point though is that I didn't see. Why did I think that I knew better? Well, I hadn't seen it done that way before, and I preferred it to be another way that it should be done.

My Whole Point Is?
You either need to learn the best way to do affiliate marketing out of necessity, or you are just really frustrated being where you are. You have spent hours and months, and on top of that maybe thousands of dollars, jumping from one thing to another. All of it is to make it happen for you.

Your results aren't encouraging so far on your road, but you have finally found where you should be. Good people, who really want to help you go after your whys and to be able to obtain your whys.

Ryan really knows how to use the best and probably easiest form of affiliate marketing, Amazon Affiliate marketing, to have success. You can stop looking around, and really start to concentrate on what is really key for you your success.

I will be sharing much more of my journey and how it has changed for me the last eight months, as I have been spending more and more time with Ryan and his teachings, and using his advice to get me straightened out.


ryan-and-sara-stevensonRYAN STEVENSON
Affiliate marketer since 1996 that also develops WordPress plugins and Amazon training courses to help others succeed with their online businesses. Ryan teaches George and can teach you too with Team Azon Pro.

I love the lesson that George is teaching in this post because it is something I commonly see among my trainees.

There is certainly not anything wrong with doing things your own way, but when it comes to building websites you often need to experience success first to see how it works to truly be able to modify the approach. Otherwise, you may end up skipping parts that are actually very important when it comes to achieving search engine rankings or referring Amazon sales.

How Much Time Do You Have To Make It Work?

This is the real question here. You see, I taught myself nearly everything I know about building Amazon sites from experimenting and trial-and-error - I did things my own way to find success.

You can certainly do the same thing I did, but the #1 problem with this approach is that it takes forever! Seriously, I spent years trying different things with building affiliate websites when I first started before I finally figured out what I was doing and what worked.

I went through a ton of headaches and failures in those initial years, so I now teach people my reliable tactics that work so they can avoid those years of frustration, disappointment and wasted hard work.

When you are working your way through a training series of mine, try to follow all instructions to build a complete site so you can see why it works for yourself. You'll learn a lot about what is geared towards increasing search rankings so you can be sure to include those important elements in future websites, even if you decide to later stray from my site building blueprints. Once you practice my approach, you can then start to put your own unique spin on it without skipping those essential pieces.

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