What’s The Best Way To Get Traffic?

george-drumGEORGE DRUM

Instead of being left behind by the computer age, he decided to do something about it. Now he is building complete Amazon affiliate websites, and you'll get to follow his journey!
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SEO Traffic Is It The Best?
When talking to anyone who is building a website, or is taking their first course in internet marketing, the subject always comes up. SEO Traffic, how you build, why you should build it, and just how very important it is to your sites future success.

So Why Is It So Important?
Well these are what comes to my mind.
1. It is free traffic. What exactly does that mean you say. All the effort that goes into building your site using proper SEO tactics is not free. It takes much of my efforts to learn it, apply it and to rework it, test it and analyze it.

2. It is not risky in the sense of versus paid traffic. In paid traffic, I pay upfront and take a chance that it will bring in the traffic I need to make it worth the expense I incurred to do it.

3. It is the best and purest traffic, plus it will last longer than any other traffic. Google will rank you for years, if your content proves to be worthy in the sense that it is value driven and unique.

What about the other methods like a Facebook page, a Twitter account?
Both of these will require much work, care, and you will need to present new and unique content on these. So it is more work, and most importantly time that you will spend to create these accounts, attract likes, and basically build up a following that will give you traffic as a supplement choice for traffic building.

The key to developing other Web 2.0 accounts is to use them to build links to your site and by doing this you will be showing Google that other people like your site and find it worthy to be linked too. Again a big thing here is spending a lot of your time and effort developing these Web 2.0 pages.

Please remember that you are using other people's internet property and it could be you have the page today, and then next week your page is taken down, or you are shut down.

What Can I Do To Build More Links?
Well this is where the crux of debate starts. Other top SEO site builders, people who are actually pulling in very large earnings per month, have other methods that they teach to help you to raise your site's profile and thus bring in more traffic.

This is where Ryan through his teaching from the last 5 years will not buy into doing many of these other traffic building techniques. In Ryan's view through his personal experiences, the building process should be one of calculated risk. It should be a building that takes time, but also a building that will last years for you.

When studying Ryan through three different types of websites in his AMC 1, his AMC 2, and his latest AMC 3, course, Ryan will sometimes appear to not be flashy enough. But just remember, he builds for the long term, and for long lasting success.

My Question Very Often Is
I need income now, not later, and then there is the old story that probably close to 100% of people who are attracted to internet marketing face. What is that, you ask? I don't have the money to spend for months on end to invest, for months on end, that I can do without any income coming back in from my money spent.

That is a very tough place to be. What are the answers to these problems for most people end up being that they give it a few months before they bail out. Some others will stick with it for two to three years, and others like me, are just too stubborn to give up. I will not be defeated. I must win at this.

Sometimes, I have thought that Ryan just doesn't understand where I am at. I need some income from this now, not later. I don't ever recall him, saying well you could go over here and do this to make some money now.

His answer is always one of I know you can do this. If you do this, and then this, it will help improve your site. Then we can analyze the Google Stats and make more progress this way.

Where Is The Answer?
I believe this is a perfect place for others to share their experiences, things they have done to become successful. Some may have just bad experiences to share. I also believe this opens up many questions that Ryan can help us with.


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