WP Semantic – LSI Keyword Generator WordPress Plugin

When you write content for a website, you don't want to constantly repeat the same words. This is especially the case if you are trying to get search engine rankings for specific keyword phrases.

Latent Semantic Indexing, also called LSI, is a technique that search engines like Google use to figure out what a page is really about so it can match the most relevant pages up with keyword queries.

An example makes it a lot easier to understand.

Take the word "Baby" for example. Think about words that relate to it, especially words that don't repeat it, like... "Bottle, Crib & Diaper". These are semantic to "Baby" - they're relational, in the same category, and have connections to each other.

When you are writing for an online site, you want to do more than just repeat your subject and target keyword phrase - you want to talk about it!

Semantic Keyword WP Plugin
My WordPress plugin, WP Semantic, allows you to easily generate lists of relational words for any base word or phrase (single words return the best results though).

You'll get one, two and three word phrases for each word you input, and they'll be ranked in the order of most relational to least.

This can be done directly from the WordPress editor screen while you create / edit posts and pages, so you can get fresh word ideas without leaving the page.

When you use a variety of relating text in your content, you'll be boosting the search relevancy for your target keyword phrase, making you much more likely to get high search engine rankings with your websites.

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