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What is the Amazon 30-Day Challenge?

Learning how to build Amazon affiliate sites can be tough and confusing, which is why I've created the Amazon 30-Day Challenge.

The idea behind the challenge is simple - I build an Amazon site while you watch LIVE, and then you use my step-by-step guidance to build your own site as the series progresses. At the end of the 30-Day Challenge, you'll have a completed, high-quality Amazon affiliate website and could already have Google rankings, traffic and even Amazon sales!

I'm not just talking about any Amazon site though. The sites we'll be creating DO NOT use auto-content software. You're going to learn how to create the real thing from scratch. This ensures that you will actually learn the entire approach so you can truly understand the work you're doing to build the site. Best of all, it ensures that both Google and Amazon will respect your site so you can get traffic and sales from it for years to come.

This entire program is structured so you know exactly what to do, one step at a time. Each week, you'll get to join me (Ryan Stevenson) for a LIVE online training session where you'll get to hear me and see my screen while I work on my Amazon. The rest of the week you'll work on your own site to complete the steps I teach you in the live class. In addition to a recording from the live class to use as guidance, there will also be checklist guides to assist you to make sure you don't miss important steps.

Is This Different From My Past Training?

If you've ever joined me for previous site building training courses for Amazon, you're likely wondering what makes this one different? To sum it up, the Amazon 30-Day Challenge is for people undergoing "information overload" and can't seem to complete a profitable project. With this program, you can forget everything else and just focus on the exact steps that I've laid out for you.

Everything you'll need to succeed will be bundled into a single, neat package that is easy-to-digest, both the first time around and countless times in the future to build more sites. You'll get to watch me do it, and then you just follow my checklist guides until the series is complete and you have a finished Amazon site.

Compared to previous training I've done, the 30-Day Challenge is actually simplified quite a bit (site building complete after 5 lessons instead of 12). However, I won't be leaving out important information needed to complete your site. This simplification is designed to ensure that you complete the program and to help you avoid confusion on what to do next.

Amazon 30-Day Challenge Program

Take a look below at what is in store for you during this 30-day challenge, and see how it can guide you to build a complete, high-quality Amazon site in just 30 days.

  • Day 1 (LIVE Class #1) - Niche Research & Site Planning
  • Days 2 - 7 (Work Days)
    Plan your entire Amazon site. Research to pick a profitable, low-competition niche. Research & choose Amazon products to promote. Research search engine keyword phrases and plan the structure plus all pages for the website based on your research.
  • Day 8 (LIVE Class #2) - Setup Website & Build Site Structure
  • Days 9 - 14 (Work Days)
    Setup domain name and website hosting. Install WordPress and setup themes, plugins and initial settings. Setup important services like Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics. Create pages for initial site structure.
  • Day 15 (LIVE Class #3) - Write & Build Website Content
  • Days 16 - 21 (Work Days)
    Write content for main pages of the site and informational pages. Then build this content into the website itself. At this point in your work, Google can start to take notice, index your site and even begin sending you traffic!
  • Day 22 (LIVE Class #4) - Write & Build Amazon Ad Pages
  • Days 23 - 28 (Work Days)
    Write content for the remaining pages of the site, the product pages. Build this content into the site and also create advertising for these pages. After this work, the site is actually complete and ready to convert traffic into Amazon affiliate sales!
  • Day 29 (LIVE Class #5) - Site Marketing & Maintenance
  • Day 30 (Work Day)
    Begin initial marketing work for the site to boost traffic and search rankings more. Also practice maintaining the site for the future, which involves analyzing stats from Google & Amazon to make smart changes / expansion.
Everything You Need To Succeed

The Amazon 30-Day Challenge isn't just live training and step-by-step guidance to build an Amazon site - it ALSO includes the software you'll need to build your first site and as many others as you want after that! Seriously, the ONLY other thing you'll need to complete this challenge is a domain name and a hosting account for your site to run on.

For years, I've developed and maintained my own Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins because I use this software on my personal Amazon sites. Since I'm going to show you and teach you exactly how I build my sites so you can reproduce it, I'm also giving you the software that I'll use in the 30-Day Challenge (this means nothing else to buy). For each plugin, you'll get developers license rights so you could even sell profitable sites you build for quick cash, and you'll also be able to use the plugins on an unlimited number of sites you create.

My Amazon WP Plugins Included..

  • Product Style - My flagship Amazon plugin that I use on every single Amazon site to build advertisements and even comparison charts. Highly customizable to fit the look of any site and the needs of any Amazon affiliate.
  • Azon Exit Cash - Maximize the earnings from each site by monetizing traffic as it leaves your site. You can choose to promote Amazon products with it or even go for more long-term audience building strategies like building a Facebook fan page / group or even building a newsletter list.

Each of the live training classes (five total) in the 30-Day Challenge will be hosted a week apart. These will all be at the same time and same day of the week - Tuesday nights @ 7pm EST until roughly 9pm.

During each live class, you'll get to watch me build a part of my own site while I teach you what I'm doing. At the end, I'll open the floor for questions that I'll answer live to ensure you've understood everything I taught that night.

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Amazon 30-Day Challenge

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