Amazon Affiliate Coaching Webinars

All of my past and future software and coaching videos for members of the Amazon Associates Program can be accessed through Team Azon Pro: Amazon Affiliate Plugins & Coaching

It can be difficult to get started making money as an Amazon Associate, especially for those that have never built a website before, but this process is really more intimidating than it is difficult.

The real key to creating that first successful site is to have someone to show you how to do it from start to finish so you don't have to spend months or even years using trial and error to figure it out.

I have been making profitable affiliate websites since 1996, but I don't keep my extensive knowledge a secret - I share it with others online.

My coaching is made to work for both newbies and experienced marketers that simply haven't figured out a reliable way to earn an income yet.

Past training of mine is available as a home study course. They're excellent for those that may be on a limited budget and/or want to work at their own pace, and you still receive the same training material from the live series (often an ebook and an HD video recording from the webinar class).

My live coaching is done via webinars where I actually share my computer screen with you so you can see what I am doing as I am teaching you how to do it! On top of seeing my screen and hearing me speak, you also get freedom to ask as many questions as you want via text chat.

Take a look below at my available home study courses and live webinars for Amazon affiliates to get more details.

Live Webinar Coaching

I'm currently running all of my live webinar coaching through Team Azon Pro. Once a month, I hold an open Q&A session where members can ask me any questions they want and even get personal help with their Amazon affiliate websites. To take part in these monthly, live coaching sessions, simply join as a Team Azon Pro member.

Home Study Courses

All of my home study courses, recordings from more than 50 of my live webinars, live coaching, and all of my Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins are available for a low, monthly fee for members of Team Azon Pro. However, there are a few of my home study courses that can be purchased for a one-time fee below..

  • Azon Home Study Course
    My original Amazon affiliate webinar series completed in Oct. 2013 is now available for you to learn at your own pace. Even in the year 2025, I will still recommend this course for new Amazon affiliates because this teaches a timeless strategy I've been using with success for many years. This was a 12-part course that includes an ebook guide and an HD video for each part. The ebooks are 20-40 pages long each, and the videos are approximately 2-3 hours long each. This training will teach you the essentials of building WordPress websites, being an Amazon affiliate, researching products, researching search keywords, marketing your sites, and how to keep these sites earning for years into the future. » More Details
  • Techie Master Class
    This is a 5-part home study course that is not about the Amazon Associates Program, but it is information that I consider to be essential for all Amazon affiliates and WordPress site creators. You'll learn how to manage your web hosting cPanel including vital skills like backing up your site and database. You'll also learn introductory skills with WordPress like web design, PHP programming and troubleshooting. This knowledge is often overlooked by other marketers and can give you a real edge in the affiliate marketing industry. This course is now included as a bonus in the Azon Home Study Course but can also be purchased separately. » More Details