How Azon Authority Can Get Your Amazon Account Banned

Yesterday's hot Amazon product launch was something called Azon Authority that builds complete Amazon affiliate ecommerce sites for you.

Despite the fact that it is a best seller on JVZoo, I didn't promote it and won't be promoting it because it can harm your Amazon affiliate account.

Please carefully read through this post because it can protect you both today and far into the future.

When software talks about creating an entire website for you in a short period of time, you can be sure of a few things:

  1. It will create useless, automated websites
  2. Google and other search engines will hate the websites
  3. The sites likely consist of nothing but Amazon content
  4. The developer has likely never made a penny with it unless they paid for traffic
  5. Amazon will quickly ban you when they discover you using it

Why Amazon Hates Software Like Azon Authority
Here's the real problem - Azon Authority builds an entire website out of nearly pure content direct from Amazon's website.

Amazon's affiliate agreement prohibits certain activities, and they have been actively suspending accounts for violating it.

I receive emails from customers all the time saying they used software like it, received a termination letter from Amazon and wanted to know if there was anything they could do to restore their account.

Unfortunately, once you get suspended it is very difficult, if not impossible, to get that reversed.

Even Google & Other Search Engines Won't Respect Your Site
Plain and simple, Azon Authority is going to build you a website of automated content. In fact, other Amazon affiliates may even end up with a nearly identical site as yours.

Think about it... How could Google possibly think they are all great websites and give them all great search rankings? It simply isn't possible.

Even if you can trick Google short term, they will change their algorithm and you will wake up one day to zero traffic and zero Amazon earnings.

Why Do Automated Site Builders Even Exist For Amazon Affiliates Then?
Some WordPress plugins, themes, and other software blatantly break these rules simply because it makes it more appealing to you as a buyer.

They know that you want to make money online but with as little work as possible, so they create software that could do it but actually can't in reality (especially when used by thousands of other people).

However, they certainly sell it to you as though it is going to be a magic source of income, but you usually figure out that it isn't once it is too late to get a refund.

Azon Authority Tries To Copy Real Amazon Associates Program Professionals
Beyond the automated content, the features of AzonAuthority certainly sound appealing because they are techniques used by long-time, professional Amazon affiliates.

However, I've been using their "UNIQUE" features on my own for years.

The sites built with Azon Authority will fall short in one key area - traffic.

I learned all of this the hard way, and that is actually why I started teaching other affiliates my strategies back in 2010.

What You Can Do To Build Truly High-Quality Amazon Sites
There are certainly many approaches to creating successful affiliate sites that DO NOT use automated content software, but ALL of those techniques should have some similarities.

In fact, if you find yourself about to buy something that seems to violate a rule below, really ask yourself how the site is going to attract people to refer sales on Amazon products to earn commissions.

  • Some Work Is Required - There is NO Magic Push Button
  • Zero Useful, Unique Content = Zero Google Longevity
  • Amazon Sites Need More Than Sales Pages Unless You're Buying Traffic
  • Cloaked / Tracked Amazon Links or Duplicated Amazon Content = Amazon Account Ban!

What Automated Software Is OK To Use Then?
Software that saves you work, time and technical knowledge can be great. In general, if it isn't building an entire website for you OR creating a lot of content OR making entire pages for your website automatically, it should be safe to use without fear of Google slaps.

Just ask yourself - is the plugin/theme/software trying to do absolutely everything for me (ie, you buy it and it is going to make you money on a website that was previously empty)?

If you answer yes to that question, it is probably a bad idea to use it.

Automated software that is good to use should be designed to save you time but still allow you to create something unique.

In most cases, that automated software should also be covering just a portion of what your entire site is all about - this ensures that your site is going to be different from other people that buy the same thing.

Get Real Amazon Associates Program Training & Software For Long-Term Success
My affiliate sites take some effort to build, but once they are built, they sit back and earn autopilot cash for you.

Best of all, my approach brings in free, targeted traffic from Google, other search engines, and a variety of other sources, so they have long-term stability.

In fact, top 10 search rankings for my sites have even been maintained through the worst of the algorithm changes in Google updates like Panda, Penguin, and more that were specifically targeting low-quality affiliate websites and automated content.

I have removed the need for technical knowledge by providing WordPress plugins that will allow you to create unique sites just like mine but without programming or web design skills.

I have recorded videos of myself building my successful Amazon affiliate websites, so you can look over my shoulder as I teach you my approach - this allows you to reproduce my strategy without missing anything important.

By combining my software and my training, you can build an endless number of high-quality affiliate sites that both Google and Amazon will respect for years to come.

All of my software and training knowledge is bundled into a single site called Team Azon Pro, and I even meet online live with my members each month to ensure they apply it correctly.

If you're tired of jumping from one failed automated content builder to the next, like Azon Authority will be in a few months, join Team Azon Pro today to learn the "real" way to do it.

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To Your Success,
Ryan Stevenson
-Affiliate Marketing Since 1996

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