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Azon Profit Poster Ad Display

Amazon affiliates that create WordPress sites should consider getting the new Azon Profit Poster plugin by George Katsoudas.

I do not promote marketing products very often as an affiliate myself, but George is one person that I have consistently followed for the last year for two simple reasons:

  1. George is my style of marketer, with a firm but still low-hype approach to selling his own products. I believe the way someone sells their own product says a lot about who they are as a person in general, and I can definitely say that Mr. Katsoudas has my seal of approval in this respect.
  2. The WP plugins he develops are high-quality products that are worth well more than his asking prices, especially if you can get them on special as a WSO. His plugins are rigorously tested before he ever considers releasing them to the public, so you always get a stable product with him.

Azon Profit Poster is his latest WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates that launches publicly on October 29, 2012 at 10am EST. I have received an advance review copy of this plugin and tested it personally, so I have first-hand knowledge and experience with this software that I want to share with you.

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Amazon API Search Options Available in This Plugin

Amazon API Product Search Options

Set up for this plugin is extremely fast and simple. Just upload the zip file through your WP admin and then activate the plugin.

On the Admin or the Options page, you can enter your Amazon affiliate information as well as your API keys, which allows it to pull profit information from Amazon API.

You can then use the Admin page to search for Amazon affiliate products that you can promote on your site. Simply select a product or multiple products and save them as a table in the plugin.

What is a Table in Azon Profit Poster?

Plugin Product Information Editor

Easily Edit Product Information Content

One of the unique aspects to this WP plugin is the way products are saved, which is in a table. A table can consist of a single product or multiple products. When multiple products are used, you can easily rearrange the order in which they are displayed.

The information created for each product from Amazon API can also be easily modified for people that like to customize their affiliate sites, which is typically a good idea these days if you want any hope of getting good search engine rankings. A button to customize the content of each ad is conveniently placed, making this a simple process to use to create your site content.

Once a table is created, you can then insert them into any post or page by using the special icon above the WordPress editor. There is also a more complex area at the bottom of the post/page editor that allows you to manage the table ads, including the ability to preview and edit the ads directly from the editor. This makes management and even content updating for your ads really simple compared with other options that are out there.

Exclusive Offer - Get A Second Amazon WP Plugin As A Free Bonus!

ExtendAzon Amazon Shopping Cart

ExtendAzon's Amazon Sidebar Widget Shopping Cart

When you buy Azon Profit Poster through a link on this page, you also qualify to receive a second Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress as a free bonus gift (see the bottom of this page for information on claiming your bonus plugin). You'll receive the same license for ExtendAzon as the license that you purchase for Azon Profit Poster (there is an Unlimited and a Developers License for both plugins).

The bonus plugin, ExtendAzon, is one of my own plugins that works great with Azon Profit Poster. ExtendAzon adds shopping cart features to your site and automatically integrates with links created by George's plugin.

These shopping cart features not only add a really cool and professional look to your site that makes it not look like an affiliate site, but by using the Amazon shopping cart system for your affiliate links, you also receive one other major benefit.

Instead of receiving a typical 24 hour affiliate cookie lifespan when someone clicks on a link on your page, you will actually get a 90 day cookie duration when someone adds a product to their Amazon shopping cart. This cookie even remains if that product is later removed from the cart and other products are purchased instead, so this method offers a major advantage for affiliates to have a better chance at referring more sales. The best part is that the extended cookie lifespan is controlled by Amazon through their API system and not the ExtendAzon plugin, so this method is completely legit (ie, not some lame cookie stuffing tactic).

See Azon Profit Poster and ExtendAzon in Action...
As I was testing George Katsoudas' new WP plugin, I turned on my screen recorder to shoot a video for you guys so you can see it in action for yourself.

First, I install and setup Azon Profit Poster. Then, I create a table to use for a new page on the site and insert that table. Once the page is created, I install ExtendAzon to add the shopping cart features to the site. In the video, I then revisit the site with both plugins installed to show you how they work together to completely revamp the checkout process when you refer sales as an Amazon affiliate.

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Get your copy of this new plugin by George Katsoudas through the link below. This is an affiliate link of mine for this plugin, but the review of this plugin here is otherwise unbiased - I truly believe in everything I have said about it. As a result, I may receive some compensation if you purchase through a link on this page, but I am also offering an exclusive bonus offer for a second Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress that you simply won't find anywhere else!

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Plugin Bonus Claim Information
Complete the steps below to qualify for the second Amazon plugin, ExtendAzon, as a free bonus!

1. Click on a link on this page, and then complete your purchase for that plugin.
~~> Buy Now

2. Check your email and look for a WSO Purchase email from Warrior Plus for your purchase. In this email, look for the "SaleID", which will start with "wso_" followed by more letters and numbers. Copy this SaleID.

3. Visit my support ticket system through the link below and submit your bonus claim. Please provide your name, email address, and your SaleID to have your bonus claim processed. Within 48 hours, you'll get a reply with a download link for your ExtendAzon plugin license. If you purchased the Unlimited Domain License for it, you'll receive the Unlimited Domain License for ExtendAzon, or you'll get a Developers License for my plugin if you purchase the Developers License of George's.
~~> Support System - Submit Your Bonus Claim

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