Buried Treasure Review From A Real Erica Stone Student

All Amazon affiliate websites need traffic. Personally, I prefer not to pay for my traffic, so I heavily rely on Google to get free targeted niche visitors to my Amazon sites.

After years of building and managing websites, you can reach a point where you're able to publish new content and achieve excellent search engine rankings. However, a lot of people struggle to get to that point.

The problem is that there is a lot to Google and trying to make sense of their traffic analytics system can be confusing without really good guidance. Even for people that are already familiar with things like Google Analytics, they often still overlook really useful data that can be rather buried and hard to get to unless you know where to look.

One of my long-time customers actually recommended a brand new ebook to me that he found really helpful and also thought it could be useful for other customers of mine that build Amazon sites.

I want to share with you what he thought about a new training ebook called "Buried Treasure" by Erica Stone. Read what George has to say about it..

If you have ever built an Amazon affiliate site that's been around for a while, but you aren't making much income from it, this 81 page PDF is for you. If you are like me, you have been told to go to your Google Webmaster account (Search Console) and take a thorough examination of your Google Analytics to diagnose traffic and search engine ranking problems.

She goes through and in detail explains how to access your account, then using screenshots takes you step by step through where the information is, how to access it and how to interpret it. Erica's Banking Industry background and using reports is very apparent as is her extensive skills at analyzing them.

Once she has done this she then walks you through in great detail to cover the really important areas in Google Analytics like, Keywords, Impressions, CTR, and Average Position.

She then details out your plan of action to compare the analytics report with a Keyword planner report using Google Docs. She has you search out opportunities to improve the earning capabilities for your site. You will be doing this one post at a time.

The process while appearing to be very involved at first, does appear to dig out opportunities for you that are right in front of you but you weren't aware of how to find them and analyze them.

The opportunities when discovered from the reports are then written down, tracked and then she tells you how to develop a plan of action to take advantage of what Google is presenting to you. When you are done with the analysis, it will be very clear where the opportunities are and what you can do as courses of action.

The courses of action are detailed out as making more money today, making more money tomorrow and making more money in the future. She labels these as Priority 1, 2, and 3 on your list of actions to take. The entire approach helps to give you a clear plan going forward to get a solid grip on what it takes to succeed on Google and stay there.

Erica is always excellent at detailing out the directions that you will need to follow. I have taken a coaching program with her and what she is really good at is writing and communicating with you, the customer. Her superb communication skills make it easy to learn from her, so if you struggle with Google then her Buried Treasure course can help you overcome it and take hold of the future of your websites.

-George Drum

P.S. - Here are the chapter titles for Buried Treasure to give you an idea of everything that is included with it:

My EXCLUSIVE Video Training Bonuses With Your Buried Treasure Purchase...
  • Google Niche & Keyword Research Video Class - This video lesson details my strategies for using Google for niche and keyword research, either before I build an Amazon website or even after to look for ways to expand the site. In this lesson I cover topics like Google Keyword Research, Google Search Research, Strategies to Verify Niche Profitability, Domain Name Registration Tips, Site Pre-Planning With Keywords & More.
  • Google Traffic & Amazon Sales Data Analysis - My second bonus video class takes you inside of one of my Amazon affiliate sites roughly a year after it was built so you can see how I use Google Analytics and Amazon Sales data to help me make smart changes to my site to keep it at the top of search rankings and even to increase earnings beyond current levels.
  • Amazon Site Expansion Maintenance - The final bonus video will teach you about monitoring Google and Amazon stats long-term for your websites to ensure they remain profitable. Part of this training deals with looking out for unique opportunities in the future that can be used to give your sites a massive traffic boost in a short period of time.

These three bonus training videos are roughly 2 hours long each for a total of 6 hours of hands-on coaching that will help you make the most out of the Buried Treasure ebook guide.

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