Tired of Boring Amazon Affiliate Sites? Engage Your Readers With Interactive Content, Polls & Ratings - Watch My Video Below..

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There's simply not a better or easier way to increase Amazon affiliate sales than with customer engagement strategies. It turns boring, text-based sites into interactive sites that your readers can engage with to help build trust and confidence.

This is a perfect tactic to use for...

  • Direct Amazon affiliate link promos
  • Email lead generation campaigns
  • Collect social media likes / fans / members
  • Website funnels
  • Social, viral sharing

All of these things can be used to drive more traffic to your Amazon links and ultimately bring you more sales. However, these methods are also perfect to use for nearly any other kind of website where you want more leads or simply more customers.

Take a look at the live examples used in my video above..

Example #1 - Drive Amazon Affiliate Sales

Example #2 - Build Facebook Fans

The example link here just goes to my FB page for Ryan Stevenson Plugins - it can point to anything you want though.

Example #3 - Capture Email Leads

You can vote, but please don't submit this example form - it is NOT connected to an email list.
These can quickly be connected to the major email newsletter services.

Example #4 - Product Rating (Sell Accessories to Current Owners)

You can again vote on this poll, but the 'View Kindle Accessories' link on the next page isn't connected to anything. On a live Amazon site, you would simply link this up to an accessory page for this product - a great way to give new users real reviews and a great way to sell other products / accessories to current owners.

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    Here are the five classes in this series...

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WAIT! I'm still not done yet though...

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The four bonuses below are the bonuses that you'll see offered by most other marketers. You get ALL of them PLUS my exclusive 5-part bonus video training series mentioned above that you won't find anywhere else. This simply means that you are getting the most for your money when you purchase MintsApp through this page (and I want to help ensure your success with my in-depth training).


  1. Visit the MintsApp 2.0 page here (or through any other link on this page):
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  2. Once you click on the payment button on the MintsApp 2.0 page, you'll be taken to the checkout page.
  3. On the checkout page, scroll to the bottom to the "Terms of Sales" section. Look for the number near the bottom-right of this section...


    I've circled this number in a screenshot below..


  4. If you see the number 39754 there, you're safe to complete checkout to purchase MintsApp 2.0 and you'll get instant access to my bonus. If you do NOT see it, try revisiting this page and clicking on a link here to visit MintsApp again. If it still doesn't show the correct number, try using another browser to repeat the process or even clear your browser cookies.
  5. After your purchase, look on JVZoo Purchase page for MintsApp and click the green button to access your purchase. At the bottom of that JVZoo page, look for a blue button to access my bonus series. If all else fails, contact support through the link at the top of this page with your purchase information.
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