Daily Deal Azon: Amazon Gold Box WordPress Plugin

Daily Deal Azon - Amazon Gold Box Ad Plugin For WordPressDaily Deal Azon is a high-quality WordPress plugin that allows you to offer affiliate deals with urgency. It was built to automatically promote Amazon.com Gold Box ads that include a live deal expiration countdown timer, but this plugin can also be used to manually create ads for any other affiliate network or even for your own products.

Before I even get into more details about what this plugin can do, I first want to talk to you about installation of the plugin. Daily Deal Azon uses a very advanced setup system that takes care of all of the backend work for you.

This installation system is worth talking about because you won't typically find this in other plugins. Generally, you upload and active a new plugin, and then you're left to figure out how to get it running.

When you activate Daily Deal Azon, there is no guess work. Just click on the plugin icon in the sidebar to load the setup system. You will then be guided through a few quick steps to provide information that the plugin needs to run, like your Amazon affiliate ID so you can earn commissions for the sales you refer.

The plugin will then proceed to run a few tests to ensure everything will work properly and to load the current Amazon product deals. If anything fails, you will get immediately notified of the problem and what you can do to fix it to allow the plugin to work, but the vast majority of users will never see these error messages (and you can simply ask for a refund if you don't want to deal with it at that point).

If you have ever purchased another WordPress product before, you have likely installed something and then later figured out that something wasn't working right. Daily Deal Azon avoids all of that hassle completely with this setup system that most customers will end up taking for granted. However, if this is something you worry about before you buy a new plugin, you can rest assured that I have done everything within my power to create Daily Deal Azon in a way to ensure this doesn't happen.

Now for the software itself.

By default, Daily Deal Azon was created to run without help once you have it set up on your site. It will automatically update itself once a day with the current Amazon Goldbox deals, which are them promoted on your live site. You can choose whether these ads are shown as a sidebar widget, at the top of your page content, at the bottom of your content, or even limit the deals to only display on specific pages.

To control the ads that are displayed on your site, you have a wide variety of filtering options at your disposal. Pick specific product categories or enter custom keywords to promote relevant deals for your niche. You can even narrow the deals down by specifying price limits, deal discount minimums, minimum product review ratings and more.

The ads created on your site will then display a linked title, product image, and "buy now" button, along with a description, live deal expiration countdown timer, list and deal prices (when available), and discount amounts or percentages (when available). Any of those specific aspects to an ad can be removed through the available display options.

In addition to that, you still have complete control over much more for your ads. You can completely customize the design of your ads with the style system. Text sizes, text colors, background colors, border colors, border sizes and more can all be easily changed by simply switching to another pre-built ad style or you can even create your own from scratch without any need for HTML or CSS knowledge. For more advanced users, the live CSS code that the plugin uses is also editable in the settings to allow for complete control over any element in the ads.

Daily Deal Azon would have been powerful and flexible enough with those features alone, but I didn't want to stop there. I also added a custom ad creation system to the plugin that allows it to be used outside of Amazon!

When you create a custom ad, you simply specify the link URL, image URL, product description, price, discount, and expiration time. These custom ads can then be automatically combined with the Amazon Goldbox deals or even displayed individually on a specific page of your site.

An extra feature of the custom ad system even allows you to quickly create custom affiliate deal ads for Amazon.com products. Just specify that it is an Amazon custom ad and you can enter the product ASIN to automatically retrieve information, prices and more for that product directly from Amazon!

If you have seen other Amazon Goldbox plugins for WordPress, you should know that these features go way above and beyond what is found in any other product on the market right now. Most other developers actually take the information straight from the Amazon Goldbox XML file and put it straight on your website, while Daily Deal Azon actually breaks down that information, analyzes it, and even combines it with other product information to give you deal ads that can be filtered using predefined settings to deliver relevant product ads without any upkeep.

Take a look at more information for Daily Deal Azon and get your own copy through the official site below:
Daily Deal Azon: Amazon Goldbox WordPress Plugin

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