Keyword Researcher Pro Review & Bonus Training Series


Watch my Video below to Learn about a Fast but High-Quality Solution for Keyword Research, Site Planning & Even Content Writing

Researching quality keywords for a niche Amazon affiliate site can be very time consuming, but then you still have to use that keyword data to plan your site and finally write the content.

This whole process can also be frustrating for even the most experienced website builders, a problem I've dealt with myself many times.

The desktop software, Keyword Researcher Pro, is the perfect solution to this problem and a major time-saver.

When you go to Google, Amazon or YouTube and search for a keyword phrase, they show you instant suggestions for your search.

This data is generally NOT found in the Google keyword planner, and manually collecting these keywords takes many hours.

The main function of Keyword Researcher Pro allows you to quickly pull all of those instant search suggestion keywords into a list, but this software really does so much more.

You can then continue with that list to get monthly search traffic counts, select the keywords you want to target, organize them into topics, plan your website, write your site content, and even quickly publish it all to WordPress.

Let Me Guide You With Amazon & Keyword Researcher Pro!

I'm so confident that you're going to love KRP that I've created a 7-part video training series to teach you exactly what to do with this software for Amazon sites.

In this training series, you'll learn the steps and my personal recommendations for using the software to do long-tail keyword research, keyword selection, site planning, content writing with your keywords, and finally getting that content published on your WordPress site.

Simply pick up Keyword Researcher Pro through any link on this page and you'll get instant access to my exclusive 7-part video training series made just for this software and Amazon affiliates.

Take a look below at what you'll learn in each of the 7 lessons in this series:

  1. Series Overview & General Usage Tips for Keyword Researcher Pro
    In this lesson, you'll get a crash-course on using the KRP software and tips on using the software to get the best experience. Also includes an overview of this entire series to give you the basic process needed to take your site from keyword research to published content with KRP.
  2. Pulling Keywords from Google, Amazon & YouTube Instant Search Suggestions
    The first step of the process is using the keyword search tools in KRP. I'll walk you through these features, point out some key settings, and demonstrate how to create useful lists of phrases quickly.
  3. Keyword Search Seeds & Long-Tail Phrase Discovery
    Now you'll learn about using more detailed search phrases in KRP to find a wide variety of traffic to target under different topics and especially to discover popular long-tail keywords that other marketers are less likely to be using. In particular, you'll get to see how KRP has many general base phrases you can use for this purpose that makes discovery of buyer long-tail words a piece-of-cake.
  4. Importing Google Keyword Planner Monthly Search Traffic Data
    Once you have discovered a ton of new keywords for your niche with this software, you can quickly important search traffic data from Google Keyword Planner. This makes complete research on all of your phrases fast and simple, plus it allows you to do a more effective job selecting the best words to target on your site.
  5. Tips for Article Topics & Keyword Selection with KRP
    Armed with your new list of keywords to use on your site, you can continue to use KRP to organize them and plan your entire site! In this lesson I'm providing you with my personal recommendations on selecting which keywords to target and how to use these selections to pick topics for articles on your site.
  6. Plan & Write Site Content in KRP to Incorporate Selected Keywords
    With a refined list of quality keywords to target, you can plan your site. KRP makes this simple by allowing you to search, sort and organize the keywords into as many topics as needed. You can then actually create your title, URL, meta description, and complete article content within the software! This article gets keywords assigned to it and makes it as breeze to stay on track with your work while ensuring great search rankings. I even teach you how to use these keywords to figure out what to write about in your article content.
  7. Import Article Content from KRP into WordPress
    The final thing to do is import all of your new articles from the KRP software to your WordPress site. This is actually really fast and simple to do, so you can move from the keyword research phase to publishing your site content extremely fast.

To get this entire 7-part video training course as a free bonus gift, click the link below and pick up your copy of Keyword Researcher Pro!

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