Local Azon Amazon Link Localization WordPress Plugin

Local Azon is an Amazon affiliate link localizer plugin for WordPress that also comes with an international marketing handbook to help you understand global markets.

The LocalAzon WP plugin is designed to work with existing sites that already have Amazon affiliate links that were created manually or by other plugins or even themes. Simply install the plugin on a site, set up a few settings for the Amazon locales you want to use, and then the plugin automatically detects where your site visitors live (by country) and serves an ad from the proper Amazon locale.

All Amazon country locales are supported by the plugin. You can choose which ones you want to use and even specify which countries will see ads from each locale.

This is actually where most localization plugins stop, but Local Azon goes way beyond!

Some Amazon products are available on each locale site using the same product ASIN, but there are also products that do not follow this rule. For the problematic products, simply visit your live website and hover over an Amazon affiliate link to view the link editor (must be logged in as the site admin).

The link editor will automatically check whether the product is valid with each Amazon locale. You can then choose to redirect specific locales that do not work. They can be redirected to use another locale instead or you can also choose to change the product being promoted for a specific locale (very useful when the original product simply doesn't exist for another locale).

Since you may end up changing the product being promoted for specific locales, there is also an HTML editor along with the link editor. The HTML editor allows you to swap out text or images used with your affiliate links for specific locales, and it will even pull product title and images for you straight from Amazon API for the product you are promoting!

The international marketing guide that comes along with the Local Azon plugin is a crash course on marketing outside of the USA. The USA accounts for only 30% of worldwide online retail sales, so many marketers are actually ignoring 70% or more of their market potential.

The global marketing guide teaches you some introductory information on marketing to foreign markets and in foreign languages other than English. It also goes into more detail about the e-commerce market in 19 different countries around the world from the regions of Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Download your copy of the Local Azon plugin and global marketing guide instantly after your purchase:
Local Azon Amazon Link Localization WordPress Plugin

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