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Improve Your Content Writing Skills

When you can write high-quality content, it can propel you down many career paths...


Many of the writing strategies you'll learn in this course are perfect to use for building unique content Amazon affiliate sites. This includes walkthroughs on writing the three main types of articles that I use on my personal Amazon sites, as well as how to plan the page topics.


For quick cash, on-demand at any time, outsourcing yourself as a writer is the perfect way to go. Learn how to take the writing skills you gain in this course, and use them to produce content for others. I'll even show you where to go to find work that will get you paid the same day.


Many established affiliate marketers will eagerly pay you to build complete websites for them to add to their existing portfolio. Unique and compelling content creation is the most expensive part of these projects, so you can pocket those profits being your own writer.


Building an email list can be extremely lucrative in a wide variety of different online industries. Writing is always at the heart of any email newsletter and better content simply sells better. Whether you want your own newsletter or to get hired by existing email marketers to write their mails, this can be a great career path.


Ever wanted to be an author? Self-publishing your own books and ebooks on Amazon can be done by anyone. The most difficult part is learning how to write great content to be able to easily create your own books. You can even work for other authors to edit and proofread their books.


There is a whole world of possibilities when you can create unique content on any subject. You could work for other marketers or brick-and-mortar businesses. You could create and/or grow your own online business. You could even offer services such as article editing / proofreading, search engine optimization and more.
I've learned a lot of skills over 20+ years of being an internet marketer, but I value my ability to write high-quality content more than any other skill. Without it, you'll be completely lost in any kind of online business. With it, your options are nearly endless.
- Ryan Stevenson

The Niche Content Crash Course

Take a look at how my course will guide you to become a better writer


Class #1: SEO Research

All good writing that will go on a website should begin with search engine optimization (SEO). Without SEO, your writing will likely never be seen by anyone except you. In this lesson, you're going to learn how to incorporate simple research into your writing plans to ensure that your content is effective for both readers and search engines.
  • Search Engine Keywords & Trends
  • Discovering Semantic Keywords
  • Competitor Content Analysis
  • Article Topic & Content Planning

Class #2: Content Breakdown

Before you begin writing, it is extremely important to understand what should be in an article and where to put each piece of information. Most people understand that you should target keywords in website articles, but where exactly should those keywords be used? This class includes the use of our exclusive article writing blueprint that helps ensure you won't miss any of these vital pieces.
  • Keyword & Semantic Keyword Placement
  • Keyword & Semantic Keyword Densities
  • Essential Article Components
  • Special Content Markup Strategies

Class #3: Writing Styles & Best Practices

You know what you want to write about, but HOW should you write it? The way you write can drastically affect how your readers react to it. Always keep the reader and your goals in mind to achieve the best results in any situation. Learn about numerous distinct writing styles to use in different circumstances to become a versatile and effective writer that can tackle any kind of content.
  • Multiple Writing Style Demonstrations
  • When To Use Different Styles
  • How to Approach Multi-Article Projects
  • Best Practices To Follow For Every Article

Class #4: Home & Category Page Writing

The "Home Page" and "Category Pages" of your website are the primary pages that link up to other articles and content. These pages are often automated and overlooked. However, they can be a huge source of search engine traffic and a user-friendly way to for users to move around your site when they are created properly. This lesson will teach you how to write effective content for these pages and even remove the technical aspect of linking pages with two exclusive code generators.
  • Real-Time Writing Demonstrations
  • Understanding the Purpose of Primary Pages
  • Keyword Targeting Tactics
  • Primary Page Content & Menus

Class #5: Informational Content Writing

A large portion of most websites consist of some type of informational content. This type of writing intends to teach or help readers with a specific topic. Too many marketers avoid this type of content because they believe it doesn't lead to sales, but it actually builds trust with readers, which makes them much more likely to buy from you. Learn the right way to provide truly useful content to your readers while also improving search rankings and sales.
  • Real-Time Writing Demonstration
  • Thinking Like The Reader & Potential Customer
  • How to Write When Each Topic is Unique
  • Brainstorming, Creating & Using Content Outlines
  • Predicting Reader Behavior to Maximize Sales

Class #6: Product Review & Sales Writing

The ultimate goal of most writing is to sell something to your readers, whether it is your own product or one you promote as an affiliate. Most websites will contain at least one of these product review or sales pages, and their success is usually vital to the success of the entire website. This lesson will show you how to write the content for these crucial pages and especially how to implement ads.
  • Real-Time Writing Demonstration
  • Thinking Like the Buyer
  • Product Related Keyword Strategies
  • Where and How to Effectively Promote Products

Class #7: Making Money as a Writer

Once you are armed with my 20+ years of content writing knowledge, I want to show you a number of specific things that you can do with these skills to actually make money as a writer. Working for yourself offers the highest income potential, but it also requires the most time to get started and involves some risk. Outsourcing your writing to others is a very reliable way to find work and get paid quickly on a regular basis.
  • Writing for Yourself: Methods, Risks & Rewards
  • Finding Work Fast as a Freelance Writer
  • Building Content Websites for Others
  • Submit a Quality Sample & I'll Even Hire You!

I'll Arm You with the Tools You Need to Succeed
These extra training guides, writing blueprints and code generators will help you produce high-quality content with less time and effort


Each class in this series comes with a quick reference guide that you can use to easily refer back to key points from each lesson. This makes it easy to refresh your memory when you are writing so you don't have to watch an entire lesson to find one part.


These blueprints will quickly guide you through recommended tips, content / keyword placement and best practices for a variety of different types of articles. This not only helps to save time while writing, but it also helps to ensure you produce high quality content each time.


To turn articles into a complete website, the most complicated part involves the use of coding within your articles to link your website pages together. These two HTML & CSS code generators will remove the technical aspect of that work so you can focus on your writing.

Join the Niche Content Crash Course
Watch over Ryan's shoulder as he teaches you everything he knows about niche content writing.

The SEVEN classes in the niche content crash course include a roughly two hour video and an ebook guide for each class. You'll be able to revisit this training as much as you want to learn at your own pace.
Everything You'll Receive With This Course...
    Revisit the entire training series at your own leisure with permanent access
    Easily refresh your memory of key concepts from each class
    Use while writing articles to save time and follow high-quality guidelines
    Quickly add stylish page navigation menus to your articles

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Niche Content Crash Course - Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am not an affiliate marketer?

That's not a problem at all. If you plan to do freelance writing, you'll land more jobs with these skills. This training also focuses heavily on skills that will simply make you a better writer for any purpose.

I'm an Amazon affiliate, will this training work for me?

Absolutely! In fact, you'll find that a lot of the writing styles taught in this series are perfect for Amazon affiliates and even affiliates of other networks.
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