Product Style – Amazon Affiliate Ad Plugin

My original plugin, Product Style, is one of the most powerful WordPress plugins available anywhere for Amazon affiliates. It was first developed in 2010 and is still continually updated and improved!

At the core, it is designed to generate Amazon affiliate ad boxes with customized product information.

Ad styles are used to easily change and customize the look and layout of any ad, which one of the things that makes Product Style so unique (not to mention that is where the name for the plugin originates).

Product ads can be shown on their own within WordPress posts, pages, or widgets. However, they can also be easily combined into product comparison charts.

Most plugins only allow you to do something one way, but Product Style is all about being unique. Almost every single aspect of the plugin and the ads it generates can be customized to your liking and to fit the look of any website.

The truth is that this software can do so many things, you honestly do not want me to describe every single feature here. In fact, I've already done this for the plugin manual, which is more than 85 pages long!

However, here is a small list of just some of the major features of Product Style:

  • Supports all Amazon affiliate locales (USA, UK, CA, DE, FR, ES, JP, CN, & IT)
  • Custom ad styling system requires no CSS
  • Quickly create ads using our unique Amazon API system or manually create ads for literally any affiliate network
  • Optionally integrate ads with on-site shopping cart for 90 day affiliate cookie lifespan instead of the standard 24 hours
  • Optional service, PS+, allows easy importing and exporting of all plugin settings and ad styles, ad style sharing with other users, and a free link in our niche website directory
  • Easily include Amazon product pictures, prices, five star review ratings, and much more
  • Combine saved ads into easy comparison charts that also use the ad style system
  • Easily combines the features of 5+ plugins into one amazing plugin!

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