Watch This Social Traffic Software In Action & See How Fast It Delivers...
WP Social Traffic is a WordPress plugin that will automatically bring free, targeted Facebook traffic to your content.

The plugin is extremely fast-acting and powerful, but it is actually quite simple to use.

You first choose the pages on your site that you want to promote and the message(s) you want to send out for it.

Then you use the plugin to quickly search through places you can promote on Facebook like fan pages, groups, etc.

That part is actually my favorite because the plugin shows you important engagement stats for each so you can quickly target those that closely relate to your niche and those that will actually bring you traffic.

Then you just let the plugin go to work - it will spread out natural-looking posts to the places you want to target.

This plugin has been tested for driving traffic to Amazon affiliate sites and it works great. Take a look at these results...

My 17 Bonuses for WP Social Traffic
  1. Amazon Affiliate Lessons from the Warrior Event 2016 - This video class is training from my trip to the Warrior Networking Event in Raleigh, NC in Sept 2016. I soaked up a ton of cutting-edge strategies at this event and then created a course for Amazon affiliates based on those tactics. This class is great to learn something new, get new ideas / inspiration and to teach you tactics that ZERO other Amazon affiliates are using.
  2. WP Anti-Hack Training - Includes 7 video classes and an anti-hack procedures manual. In this series, I teach you my personal recommendations to avoid WordPress site hacking problems. I've been running WP sites for many years and have learned some priceless lessons during that time including simple, specific things to do or avoid on all WP sites to drastically reduce the chances of hackers breaking in. I also learned a 100% guaranteed way to ensure that my sites can quickly and completely recover from any hacking event. I pass along all of this knowledge and more in this course - essential for any WordPress site owner.
  3. Site Speed Challenge - One of the factors that determines your placement in the search engine rankings is the speed of your website. WordPress websites can become very slow and typically end up in the bottom 20% of ALL websites in terms of speed. However, with a few quick changes and adjustments, you can drastically speed up the loading time of pages on any WP site to put it among the top 10% fastest sites online. This optimization is something that many WordPress site owners ignore and yet it can dramatically affect your sites ability to get top search rankings that deliver the most traffic. In this video training, I will teach you my personal tactics for drastically increasing the speed of my WordPress sites and increasing my Google PageSpeed Score.
  4. WP TrendPressr Plugin WhiteLabel License - This plugin is great to use to discover new niche trends directly from your WordPress site. When you can discover these quickly and publish content on your site about them, you can quickly tap into a huge source of traffic that most people ignore. On top of using this plugin, you'll also receive a whitelabel license that allows you to rebrand the plugin as your own and give away / sell it to keep all the profits!
  5. MemberPal Plugin - Resellers License - Set up a membership website in WordPress to retain an audience, capture leads, sell affiliate products or even sell a membership subscription. You'll have the rights to use and resell this plugin.
  6. WP Commission Machine - Resellers License - Quickly create WordPress websites with Amazon, eBay and/or Alibaba Express ads! This is great to use in combination with WP Social Traffic to create ad pages that can be used to promote. You'll have the rights to use and resell this plugin.
  7. WordPress Legal Pages Plugin - There are a number of legal pages you need to have on your site but often times you will forget to add them or find it a lot of work to manually create them. Worry not, This brand new Plugin Creates Personalized Legal Pages For You - in seconds.
  8. WP Security Mastery - Power packed training that will teach you How To Effectively Protect Your WP Sites From Hackers. Protecting your sites is extremely important and you need to know the RIGHT way to do that. Secure your sites so no one can get in and steal your data or destroy it. This additional security training course will ensure that you're not missing anything important.
  9. Auto Backup WordPress - Having a backup of your WordPress site is extremely important because you don't want to LOSE all your data and website content if someone hacks into your site or defaces it. There are many plugins that you can use at zero cost and this training teaches you exactly how to backup your site safely and securely.
  10. Story Box Plugin - Explode engagement and organic traffic with animations on your pages that keep people on your site longer: instantly create compelling pages that force your viewers to read every word of your marketing message
  11. ZonGoldbox Wizard WP Plugin - WordPress Plugin Displays Amazon Deals Of The Day On Your Sites.. .. And Gets Your Site Visitors A Reason To Always Come Back To Your Site
  12. AmaSlide Pro WP Plugin - AmaSlide Pro will display a Slide-Out Content Box displaying Amazon Products according to keywords your visitors specify at the right side of your website. You might not realize this, but the area that receives the most clicks from your visitors when they are browsing your website is the scroll bar on the right.
  13. WP Bot Blocker Plugin - Everyday, 100s of hackers try to get into your site. They use BOTS to attack your wordpress sites and you need to be protected. This plugin blocks all bot attacks keeping you secure your hackers. You can Install on Unlimited Sites + CLIENT SITES.
  14. Link Keeper Plugin - Plugin can easily retrieve & Insert Frequently Used Links Without Ever Leaving The Editor Here’s the problem with WordPress’ built in link-builder: The search feature stinks, forcing you to leave the page to find the post or sales page you want to link to. Not only that, but there’s no way to effectively track engagement. With Link Keeper, you can easily... Create a database of frequently used links you can use to populate your blog posts on the fly. Create short links for use in social media and images–perfect for sales pages and affiliate promotions and much more...
  15. WP Smart Pop - This super smart wordpress plugin creates highly attention capturing popups that will get you more leads, help convert those leads into sales and build a list of passionate prospects that are ready to convert into customers.
  16. Skype Me WP Plugin - Skype is the easiest way to contact and hop on a quick call. This plugin makes it super easy to add skype buttons to your wordpress sites. Anywhere you want - sidebar, post content, pages, there are no limitations.
  17. Free Traffic System Advanced - A complete set of training videos that teach you how to drive free traffic, yes, zero cost traffic to your sites or optin pages very easily. This step by step training will walk you through various methods of driving free traffic.
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