UpsellAzon Auto Amazon Accessory Ad WordPress Plugin

UpsellAzon is a simple to use WordPress plugin that automatically finds the Amazon products you already promote on your site, and then it generates an ad box with accessories for that product. There is truly not an easier way to boost the earnings potential of your affiliate site.

The plugin is designed to be compatible with a wide variety of other WP plugins and themes, so UpsellAzon can be used on your existing websites without having to buy additional software or remake your sites from scratch.

The accessory ad box that UpsellAzon creates can be placed in a variety of positions on your site including in any widget location, above your page content, or below your page content.

There is also an option to manually create accessory ad boxes in any post/page by simply specifying the Amazon product ASIN that you want to use for the accessory search. This actually allows the plugin to be used on any WordPress site, even if it isn't using one of the compatible plugins or themes.

For marketers that are looking for more control and the ability to customize their ads that UpsellAzon creates, an additional set of customization features is offered after you purchase this plugin.

This additional package of features allows for easy design and styling of the accessory ad boxes without the need for HTML or CSS coding. It also allows you to edit the live accessory ads on your site to modify text in the ads, reorder ads, or even delete them entirely. Both of these features are designed to help you boost your conversion rates with these accessories.

Download your copy of UpsellAzon instantly after your purchase:
UpsellAzon Amazon Accessory Ad Plugin

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