Watch My Video Below To Learn About WordBotic Unique Content Generator And How Amazon Affiliates Can Use It To Attract Free, Targeted Niche Traffic

Pick up WordBotic through the link below to get unique, custom-made Amazon affiliate product review videos as my exclusive bonus (made just for you, one product per video - $27 Value Per Video). See Complete Bonus Offer At Bottom Of This Page!
WordBotic is so groundbreaking that the creator applied for a patent on her technology, and then toured the country in a bus!


Tips for Ordering WordBotic...

  1. WordBotic is sold by the number of words you want to be able to generate, but there is an unlimited version offered as an upgrade after you buy. If you get the top level of words on the front end offer, the upgrade will only be $197 - this is by far the best value and the only way to get permanent usage for this software. This upgrade is also available on a monthly payment plan for the lowest priced front end offer and the half price exit offer mentioned below (still the same total price no matter what version you order to start).
  2. If WordBotic is too expensive, you can get it for half of the lowest price offered by attempting to close the page and viewing the exit offer. This version also allows half the word usage as the previous low cost option.
Exclusive WordBotic Bonus Offer - Free, Custom Made Amazon Review Videos!

The number of bonus videos you qualify to receive depends on what version of WordBotic you purchase...

  • 50,000 Word Version - 1 Bonus Video
  • 100,000 Word Version - 2 Bonus Videos
  • 250,000 Word Version - 3 Bonus Videos
  • 500,000 Word Version - 5 Bonus Videos
  • Upgrade to Unlimited Version - 10 Total Bonus Videos!

After your purchase, submit your bonus claim as a support ticket - please provide proof of your purchase and one product ASIN / link per video you qualify to receive.
Submit Bonus Claim Support Ticket

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