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Obviously, my name is Ryan Stevenson.

I've been programming for nearly two decades and have been developing WordPress plugins since 2010. My primary focus is on making high-quality training courses and commercial/premium WordPress plugins for internet marketers, and many of them have been devoted to Amazon affiliates.

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What Has Gone Wrong With Affiliate Marketing In Recent Years?

I have been actively engaged in internet marketing for two decades, so I have seen this industry go through many different changes over the years.

In recent years, there has been a big surge of interest for new people to get into selling online as a way to supplement or even replace income from a day job. This was especially the case with the decline in international economies that caused millions to lose their jobs.

The change from wanting to make money online to needing to figure out a way to do it quickly caused a shift in mentality of customers of marketing products. Instead of being interested in legitimate, long-term online business opportunities, they flocked to get-rich quick schemes that promised tens of thousands of dollars with the click of a "magic button".

Here is the hard truth... The marketing software and products that sell the best are generally the least effective!

How could this possibly be the case? Wouldn't people wise up eventually and stop buying those far-fetched dreams? You would think so, but people always have a way to justify why it didn't work and why this next one sounds like it will be better.

The simple fact is that a product promising a lot of income from zero-to-very-little work is going to be appealing to a lot of people, especially people that do not have the experience to know ahead of time that it won't work. This is because most people get into things like affiliate marketing looking for a fast payday and don't stop to consider what it will take to get there in the real-world.

Unfortunately, this type of experience I've just described happens every single day and is still happening right now. Only by educating yourself can you prevent yourself from falling into the same trap over and over again.

My Marketing Mission Statement

Most of my affiliate marketing career in the past was spent behind-the-scenes and out of the public eye because I wasn't making software or teaching my strategies to others.

However, that all changed one day back in 2010 when I realized there were so many others out there that felt like I do about the marketing industry, but most of those people didn't have the experience or knowledge to overcome this massive obstacle.

After sharing one of my niche Amazon affiliate websites on a marketing forum, I realized that I could actually help people to tackle marketing like a real business instead of a magic button.

It was then that I began to create WordPress plugins to recreate Amazon ad designs from my successful websites so people with zero web design and technical knowledge could build websites like mine.

I also began creating my own ebook and video based training courses to coach others on how to build Amazon niche sites that could achieve great search rankings and maintain them for years to come.

Targeted Search Engine Traffic

What I just mentioned about great search rankings is really at the heart of a large portion of all internet and affiliate marketing.

Simply put, websites need traffic to make money. You can either pay for that traffic or find ways to get it for free, but obviously free is going to give you a much higher profit margin and doesn't require start-up costs.

Most Amazon affiliate marketers these days build products that completely automate website creation and content writing, or they will create and sell niche PLR content. While there can be good uses for these automated and duplicate content products, your average affiliate marketer that doesn't know any better will use nothing but automated and duplicate content.

The end result of a website that has nothing unique about it is the reality of zero traffic, especially from Google. If your site is just like others out there, do you think a search engine would fill the top 10 with identical pages? Absolutely not!

Think about this deadly cycle for a minute...

A marketer creates a product that offers dreams of quick cash with little work. A customer invests in that product, likely having to make personal sacrifices to even afford that purchase. The customer then builds a website and sits back to rake in the dough, but nothing ever happens... no Amazon sales commissions and often no traffic at all. The customer often believes it to be something they did wrong, so they try again with another product. Eventually, they get sick of the endless cycle of failure and losing money, so they just give up forever.

Chances are, unless you are brand new to internet marketing, you have likely experienced some of that cycle yourself. You are not alone - this is happening to thousands, if not millions of people around the world.

The Solution: Truly Learn Amazon Affiliate Marketing

To overcome the deadly cycle I've been talking about, you have to stop saying "I can't do it" and simply try. I learned almost everything I know about marketing from trying and failing, at least once, because it led me to figure out the right way to do it.

The way I create and teach others to build websites involves learning some basic technical knowledge and real-world skills. On top of that, you have to spend some time on each site and even doing your own unique content writing. With that said, if you want a "magic button" to make money with affiliate marketing, you won't find it here. However, you will find hands-on knowledge that will teach you how to build a long-term business with affiliate marketing.

My approach to Amazon affiliate marketing is actually something you can apply to any affiliate network because the site building strategies are exactly the same (the products you promote are simply different), so those that aren't interested in Amazon can still benefit from my training to truly learn valuable skills to create websites.

I provide the essential software, training, and even live coaching to show you exactly what to do and to guide you on your journey.

To get complete access to my WordPress plugins, training videos, ebooks and code generators library for Amazon affiliates along with live webinar coaching with me once a month, join my membership site called Team Azon Pro.

With Team Azon Pro, you'll set yourself on the right path to be able to tackle the affiliate marketing industry with confidence so you can build profitable websites and especially so you can avoid costly mistakes.

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